Centuries of tradition and history have marked Andalusian culture, society and economy. Therefore, the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation was founded in 2011 with the purpose of bringing the rural sector closer to the public, with special attention to the olive grove sector, enhancing its visibility inside and outside our borders, promoting the education and training of its professionals, and implementing RDI projects. All of this, whilst working to improve the lives and conditions of those groups most in need.


Juan Ramón Guillén Awards
III Edition

They are awarded with the aim of rewarding those individuals or legal entities that, due to their skills and experience, have been able to stand out in the olive sector. Maximum date for submission of application: September 3, 2023.

Fundación JR Guillén

Visit the Hacienda Guzmán

Come and discover our headquarters, the Hacienda Guzmán. A fascinating place with centuries of history that began its activity producing olive oil in the 16th century, becoming the most important hacienda in Spain.