The Foundation is committed to projects that contribute to increase the training of professionals in rural areas, paying special attention to those who operate with the olive sector. We want this to have an impact on increasing the quality and professionalism of the sector in general.
We are also committed to recovering lost crafts, restoring the figure of the apprentice and the promotion of rural employment.


The project Solidarios Coosur, implemented by the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation and the Randstad Foundation, was created in 2014 with the aim of promoting the employability and integration of the disabled in the workplace. This is a training, orientation and advisory programme that has already benefited more than 350 people.

Until now, the initiative was made up of two distinct activities. On the one hand, there was Planeta Olivo Integra, a series of educational visits to Hacienda Guzmán and, on the other hand, the course on free time and leisure monitor in a rural environment was held in order to promote their incorporation into the world of work. The 2016 edition of the project Solidarios Coosur  presented some new features, given that the number of people taking part in the leisure and free time monitor course was doubled and completed with a third course providing training in healthy eating habits, directed at athletes with disabilities.

We are currently working on improving future editions so that we can contribute, in the best possible way, to the integration of people with disabilities.

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